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As a guitarmaker, I utilize a whole range of woodworking machinery and
specialized hand tools, which may not be at the disposal of music store repair
technicians.  This allows me to offer a broad range of services such as
structural repairs, finishing, instrument modification and restoration, in
addition to routine repairs.  I also offer a wide range of hardware repairs
and upgrades, including direct replacement and custom made bridges,
saddles and tail pieces.  


Pickup replacement is one of the most common upgrades for players,
and today's manufactures offer a lot of choices.  Add to that a healthy
boutique pickup market and you're almost sure to find to tone you
want.  And, vintage inspired models are often available to reinvigorate
a gem from antiquity.  For archtop floating pickup replacements,
I currently use and reccomend Kent Armstrong USA handmade models,
with 12 adjustable pole pieces.


Routine hardware components, such as jack and switch plates,
pickup selector switches, knobs, potentiometers, capacitors, wiring
and pickguards are available for modern instruments, as well as
many vintage pieces.  I utilize quality parts from reliable suppliers
such as Switchcraft, CTS and various original manufacturers.


Along with an acurately intonated instrument, quality tuners often
make a great deal of difference in resolving tuning issues.  Most
manufacturers today offer significantly better tuining machines than were
traditionally available on older guitars, and even on a few new models.
With less gear backlash and higher ratios, models from several manufacturers
are available to improve worn or less than optimal tuners.

If you're putting off a needed repair, give me a call to discuss your
instrument.  Estimates are free and all work is guarenteed for 180 days.

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